Kweknet, August, ServBot, ScoutBot, Efnet….

Door de oude users wordt heel veel geroepen, maar we hebben helaas nog geen geschiedenis verhaal van #dutch.

Wel heeft iemand uit Engeland wat informatie kunnen vinden van ScoutLink.

ScoutLink officially came into existence about 1995. Many scouts/guides had used the #scouting channel on Undernet for approximately a year before this, but external messages were beginning to be a hassle, and it was about this time that they were asked by Dennis Brocken to come across to what is now ScoutLink. The Swiss & Germans also had their own #scouting on Efnet and merged in about two years later.
All #scouting channels had participated in JOTI with #scouting on Efnet being the “official” network of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. This changed, however, in 1997, the first year ScoutLink was the official network for JOTI.

In about 1998, a little experiment called KwekNet (QuackNet) was conducted, for kids only, which attracted Dutch users and lasted approximately a year.

Globalbridge was a camp which was born out of a maverick idea of Daniel Saxer. Only one camp, held in 1997 occurred, in the Netherlands. Mr Saxer tried to set up a website with the Globalbridge name and Scouting Spider. It was him who owned, the original host of Scoutlink. He unfortunately went bankrupt and the projects died. It was at this point that Scoutlink began to farm out to host servers.

In 1998, the first NorthAm, an IRL (In Real Life) meeting/camp for North American users of ScoutLink, was held. A similar camp for Australian, Asian and New Zealand users of ScoutLink, called OZANZ, was also held the same year. It has since been held again in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2004. IRC camps in Europe started with Waddecar (UK) in 2000, and have been held every year ever since in different countries across Europe.

For a few years a server in Basel, Switzerland was the ScoutLink hub. It is now a server in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Scoutlink now consists of approximately 20 servers on 3 of the 6 continents and several hundred users. JOTI is ScoutLink’s main event, and preparations are constantly underway during the year. It is over this weekend that ScoutLink attracts its highest numbers. With numbers growing steadily ever year, the record was broken in 2008 where it climbed to 5.395 simultaneous connections.

Je kunt hier meer vinden.

Kennen jullie deze nog? De Sleuthut!

Ooit, in een ver ver verleden, had ScoutLink #dutch een Sleurhut. Ja, een bouwkeet met computers erin waarop mensen kennis konden maken met ScoutLink. Hiermee werd naar diverse evenementen gegaan.

Mocht iemand nog aanvullingen hebben op dit verhaal, dan horen wij dit heel graag!